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Wrap iT – The World’s Greatest Gift Wrap Storage Organizer presents “Bring The Neat” The Greatest Online Google+ Live Hangout Springtime Organizing Master Summit.
De-STRESS And Take Your Springtime Organizational Skills To The Next Level.
10 Speakers – Incredible Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts to Get Your Spring Organizing Routine Jump Started

100% Online

Stay at home! Stay in your office! No travel! No hotels! No Cost to YOU! Grab some coffee and a notepad! You’re going to need it! Register now and be sure to make this online event.

Springtime Organizing Only

If you love the Springtime Season but just wonder “How Can I Do It All” then this is definitely the party you’ve been waiting for! This event focuses ONLY on the Springtime Organizational Skills that You Need!

AHA! Moments

With our lineup of professionals, you’ll be sure to have plenty of AHA! moments as they reveal how they go about creating highly efficient organized routines. It will actually be like being inside the minds with some the most talented organizing experts while they teach YOU!

Save Your Money

Let’s face it, the More Organized You Are the Less Time YOU Waste. Time is Money Period!
Let the pros walk you through their years of experience and help you leap frog your learning curve! De-Stress Actually Enjoy Your Holiday

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Top Professional Organizers From Around The World Share Their Knowledge

Schedule of Presenters
That Spoke on April 11, 2014

10 AM Hour

Adam Levine 10:00 AM10:10 AM

What Springtime Organizing Summit is all about


Ann McDonald10:10 AM10:25 AM

Go Spring!

Approaching Your Spring Cleaning with the right Mindset, get to it!

Collette Shine10:25 AM10:40 AM

Linens and Laundry!

Hate Laundry? We do to!! Learn a few tricks to Clean up your Routine!

Beth Allen10:40 AM10:55 AM

Garden and Home Projects!

Get going now on the planting and the renovations, take advantage of the weather!

Break10:55 AM11:05 AM

Coffee/Bathroom Break

11 AM Hour

Steve Wilson 11:05 AM11:20 AM

Springtime Shopping!

Not only the best deals for Spring but best deals in Spring for other seasons!

Melissa Potvin 11:20 AM11:35 AM

Advanced Preparation

Prep for your kids, Prep for yourself, Prep for a new job $ look fantastic doing iT!!

Emily Parks – 11:35 AM11:50 AM

Spring Clean Your Email and Smartphone!

Overwhelmed with incoming email, texts, fb, and the like? Organize it your way!

Julie Coraccio 11:50 AM – 12:05 PM

Springtime = Earthtime!

Springtime is when the Earth is in full bloom. Save your planet while saving your wallet!

12 PM Hour

Break12:05 PM12:20 PM

Coffee/Bathroom Break

Go Quick

John Rowley – 12:20PM12:35 PM

Springtime Lifestyle!

Let’s face this winter was tough! You have the mindset for healthy choices, Spring to it!

Geralin Thomas 12:35 PM – 12:50 PM

Forget the Procrastination!

Motivate yourself to Create an Organized Classic Closet that you’ve only dreamt about

Jennifer Ford Berry12:50 PM1:05 PM

Improve Your Ability To Let Go Of Stuff!

The importance of having an inspired home to nurture your spirit!

Adam Levine1:05 PM 1:15 PM

Closing Remarks!